Best Education Franchise Business under 5L.

The education industry is the fastest growing sector. Many people don’t know how to start a business in the education sector.
Some of them know, but due to the low budget, they are not able to start.

The education sector is not only to earn money, but it’s also a determination to serve to the society.

Benefits of franchise business

  • As a franchisee, you have the right to use an established brand name.
  • Franchisor provides you the entire rights of selling products and services.
  • Training is key, if you are from a different background or not have such knowledge then training helps you.
  • As of franchise you are starting a proven business.
  • No need to worry about setup, a franchisor will do it.
  • Franchisor helps you in marketing.
  • The franchisor should assist with the selection of the optimal location for the business.


Playschool Franchise Under 5L

The Santa Kidz:-

The Santa Kidz Team is headed by its dynamic Director Mr. Pankaj Anand. An MBA in Marketing and IT from a prestigious business school, Pankaj left a high-flying career in the corporate world to start The Santa Kidz. The idea struck him while searching for a good pre-school for his kid. He found most of the schools were providing one or the same thing. There was nothing innovative; the teachings were based on old techniques.

There was no focus on brain development or technologically advanced teaching systems. Pankaj knew whatever children learned at the tender age of 2 to 6 remain with them for the entire life. Being an avid reader he had in depth knowledge of Dermatoglyphics Technology and knew how it helped in determining the learning habit of the kids. Pankaj started working on the concept with his team and within a short span of time came up with the idea of Brain School with D.M.I Technology.



play school franchise

The Santa Kidz is a leading pre school chain in India. We provide affordable school franchise and have a successful track record of 400+ pre schools in India. We assure our guardians and franchise partners of best education standard and quality care at each step.

Investment Only: 2.75L to 3.25L

Branches: 400+

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Canvas PreSchool

CANVAS International Schools is promoted by Ingenious Edu Scholars PvtLtd which is set up by a group of Professionals. The demand for preschool education is rising along with the increasing need and importance of pre- schooling that is being recognized by more and more parents. There is a growing global agreement that preschool education is vital to a country’s sound education system.
Here is a chance to become part of one of the leading preschool brands in India, As aCanvas owner you will have a rewarding and challenging career where you’ll see the results of your creative efforts every day.

education franchise

About Canvas
Canvas, the concept pre-school was born with the desire to nurture the child and lay a healthy foundation for a learned society. It is a noble initiative of Ingenious Edu Scholars Pvt. Ltd,who are pioneers in serving the learning needs of kids. Today, Canvas started in April 2016 has 3 centres in Jaipur with 250 students and is expanding.

Vision: Canvas International Pre- School aims at nurturing individuals with values and multivalent competencies. This lofty ideal is accomplished by virtue of a dynamic curriculum that envisions not only academic excellence but a wholesome all round development of the child, his character and personality, aesthetic refinements, effective skills and the art of living.


Investment: 5L to 7L

Branches:- 20+

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Bragnam Learning

Bragnam Learning :- Bragnam Learning was established in the year 2013 with the objective to contribute in the Learning and Skill development space to enhance learner’s ability and enable them gradually progress by providing them the basic foundation, skills, knowledge and abilities to meet the demands of ever changing environment and be a able to create a success for themselves for the next flight.

Key Points Of Brand :- 

(A)-Over 40 Pre-Schools (combination of Play School & Kindergarten) & Play Schools set-up in 32 districts across six states in India.

(B)- 5000 no. of students completed their preschool education and pursuing their preprimary and primary education.

(C) -In-house developed content, activities, curriculum and planners.

(D)- A leading group for franchise development across the world.

(E)- Trained 1500 Numbers in association with Centum Learning for Star Scheme of NSDC.

(F)-Developed 6 Training centers with 361 dm for Online MBA Training

(G)- Skill Development training is at nascent stage, we have partnered with Andhra Pradesh State Skill Development Corporation and Uttrakhand Skill Development Mission to impart skill training & provide employment to the youth in respective states.

(H)- We also have partnered with National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) under Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY 2.0) .


Investment:- 3.5L to 4L

Branches:- 40+

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Early Boffins

Early Boffins started with an idea of making learning fun and engaging for kids. Our solutions incorporate STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) education pedagogy and make use of the best educational products and resources from across the globe. The bigger vision is to build 21st century Creators, Thinkers, Problem Solvers and Collaborators. We are a team of passionate individuals with varied global exposure trying to change the way kids learn.

education franchise


At Early Boffins, we believe that hands-on learning is the best way for a child to explore and learn concepts. Our products, curriculum and pedagogy are extensively researched and designed through a global team of scientists and engineers, and delivered through a combination of videos, ICT, games, model building and evaluation by experienced educators. The concepts are taught in a fun way which helps children in retaining the concept for a longer period of time. Children understand, plan, design, build and evaluate a huge variety of real life models and understand their working principle.

EB Franchise Program

The EB Franchise Program consists of 3 areas – Crazy Scientist, Robo Maestro and Code Guru. Each area consists of 2 levels – Beginner and Advance. A child starts at the Beginner level and progresses to the Advance level.
The Crazy Scientist program consists of 6 different STEM Topics – Alternative Energy, Rocket Science, Electricity & Magnetism, Hydraulics & Pneumatics, Simple Machines & Mechanism, and Light & Optics. Each individual topic is also offered as a separate program as per a child’s need.

11 individual programs
140+ models
318+ lab hours
500+ concepts
48+ hours of corporate training

Investment:- 4.5 L to 5L

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Brain Mapping Franchise Opportunities

Brain Key

Brain -Key is one of the venture of Multiple Intelligence Ltd in introducing this scientifically proven and useful test which applying the latest in computer technology and biological science together to unlock one’s full learning potential and hidden gifts.

Brain Key solution is suitable for all ages and these products applies right from toddler, to students, young adults and even working professionals.


Brain Key GMIT provides personal services at service locations near you or at your home. You will have ample of time to ask questions and better understand the reports.

education franchise


(A)- Kids

(B)- Students

(C)- Professionals

(D)- Relationship


Investment:- 2L to 2.25L

Brand Outlet:- 52+

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Rajmin Memory Academy ( Abacus , Midbrain, DMIT & Vedic Maths )

ajmin Mid Brain Activation Academy offers mid brain activation courses and Midbrain activation franchise opportunity for adults and children all over India. Mid brain training is actually associated with the nervous system of the brain. Our main focus is to enhance the brain power of both young and adults through different brain activation methods. All the senses are trained including vision, hearing, sleep and wake control etc.

education franchise

Our Courses :-

(A)-Midbrain Activation Franchise

(B)-  Advance midbrain Activation

(C)- Quantum Speed reading

(D)- Speed Reading Franchise

(E)- DMIT Franchise

(F)- Abacus Franchise

(G)- Abacus training

(H)- Vedic MathsFranchise

(I)-NLP Training

(J)-Memory training

(K)- Memory Franchise


Investment: 50K to 1L

Brand Outlets:- 25+

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Junior Engineers

Junior Engineers is a leader in child education. In modern competitive world, the key for success in life is to have little extra in terms of resources that are in case of students, a little extra knowledge. Our expertise is in educating children those essential skills that they don’t learn in schools within their regular curriculum. After running Abacus, Vedic Maths, Mid Brain Activation programs successfully, Junior Engineers is proudly announcing its latest program in collaboration with American giant in innovative learning. Our team of experts has made different learning programs with the help of parts that stimulates young minds to learn basic principles of engineering.

We understand the concerns that every investor has while evaluating a business proposition. However, we can guarantee you the success of our unique Franchise Business Model that combines quick returns on your initial investment, low maintenance & operational costs and a shorter break-even period, Our vast network of existing Franchisees stand testament to our Continued Franchisee Assistance that encompasses nearly every aspect of running a business including, the selection of site/location, construction of school, procurement of educational resources, media coverage, staff selection and training, day to day operations etc.



Investment: 2L to 3L

Brand Outlet:- 14+

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